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Best practice industrial services

Because every installation can only ever be as good as its specifications

Play it safe with our industrial services...

Since every industrial undertaking has characteristic process flows, installations and facilities, every requirement situation is different and demands case-specific device configurations.

In loading areas of cold storage houses, for instance, fluctuating loading cycles depending on the surrounding climate lead to various air currents and turbulences at ramps or locks, which can hardly be calculated.

Loading zone

The consequence: Unnecessary additional costs due to an overestimated demand or – even worse – solutions not working sufficiently in real life.

Therefore, we analyse the individual requirement situation with you present on site, determine the specific demand for devices and develop a tailor-made project solution right up to the exact positioning of the devices.

... and invest solely in solutions which have verifiably proven their worth in everyday operation.

Before the required stationary units are installed, our project service first works in a validation phase with mobile versions of the drying system, which can unproblematically be put up without the need for structural measures.

During validation, all relevant climate parameters such as air temperature, relative humidity, dew point or flow rate are captured by our mobile remote monitoring measuring devices in previously defined ranges, then recorded and, if required, continuously transferred to the Trotec server.

If desired, telemetric climate data can already be gathered for comparative analysis before the test phase. After validation, the results can be completely documented and the calculation of requirements finally optimized.


Your advantage: You only invest in solutions which have verifiably proven their functionality in everyday operation!

The stationary units will not be ordered until you are fully satisfied with our concept. The only costs incurred consist of an inexpensive hiring flat rate for the validation time.

Cross-linked services from a single source – Benefit from the advantages of a competitive group of companies...

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The Trotec Group's industrial services provide not just dehumidification technology but tried and tested dehumidification solutions!