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Using convectors of the TCH-E series for heating

Rapid heat supply at a favourable price

Whenever a quick solution is required to instantly create an agreeable feel-good climate, you can rely on the convectors of the TCH series.

Virtually from the moment they are switched on, the quick-acting heating devices of the TCH series provide a soothing warmth – without warm-up time, generating neither noise nor odour. As such, the electrical fan heaters are suited for almost every application in the private sphere. For instance as fast-acting heaters in the bathroom to assist the already installed heating solution on cold winter days or to temporarily heat rooms that are not connected to the existing solution. The convectors can also be used as frost monitors in unheated basements or garages.

Trotec offers convectors in a compact design, with or without turbo blower. Due to thermostat-controlled automatic operation the energy consumption of the devices remains agreeably low – despite the powerful heating capacity.