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Commercial air conditioner PT 15000 S

Particularly powerful split air conditioner with refrigerant-free connection lines

This powerful, high-grade air conditioner manufactured in the EU impresses with maximum cooling capacity accommodated in an equally robust and easy-to-transport split construction which makes the air conditioner PT 15000 S the ideal solution for quick and reliable, temporary on-site cooling applications.

The split air conditioner PT 15000 S for mobile application was specifically designed for the material-straining conditions in the demanding rental business. For this reason the cooling unit is characterized by an according workmanship of high quality, ease of maintenance and reliability during cooling operation.

Robust, flexible, space-saving and easy to transport

The robust design of the PT 15000 S with hardwearing panels made of galvanized and additionally powder-coated steel ensures a high resistance to climatic influences and aggressive surroundings.

Reinforced housing for transportation by crane using optional crane lugs

Likewise the housing of the PT 15000 S was designed super slim so it can fit through every door and into every elevator. Owing to swivel castors with parking brake you can even save time during transportation.

With the especially reinforced housing of the PT 15000 S even transportation by crane is not an issue – simply use the optional crane lugs.

More flexibility during transport and installation offers the dual heat exchanger concept of this split air conditioner. Rather than using just one bulky heat exchanger the PT 15000 S was designed for the operation with two identical compact heat exchanger models. These external units require less floor space, are easier to transport and can be positioned independently.

Installed with lightning speed due to refrigerant-free connection lines with quick-lock coupling

Connection set with quick-lock couplings

The connection of the external heat exchangers to the air conditioner that is positioned indoors can be accomplished in a heartbeat. Just couple a connection set of 10 m length with both units.

This connection set sheathes power connection, condensation hose and both coolant feed and return line in a way that all can be installed without creating extra trip hazards. In case of the PT 15000 S the coolant consists merely of water with the additive glycol. The filling level can easily be regulated by means of a storage tank integrated in the air conditioner. This eco-friendly and cost-effective solution rules out a loss of refrigerant when connecting or disconnecting the PT 15000 S.

By combining several connection sets the covered distance may be increased to maximally 30 metres, if required. This permits the cooling of remote, windowless rooms.

High-performance cooling technology for failure-free continuous operation

Numerous construction details prove the soundness and high quality of this professional air conditioner. For example we used super robust finned aluminium heat exchangers with thick-walled copper tubing. Additionally, the heat exchangers' rotary compressor was fitted on vibration absorbers to ensure the maximum lifetime.

An extremely powerful centrifugal fan with radial flow for large-volume air circulation ensures uniform cooling of even very large rooms. Due to microprocessor-controlled hot gas defrost cycles as well as the preselectable fan speed and target temperature, the ideal room temperature for every cooling demand can be achieved – depending on the operating conditions even temperatures of as low as 10 °C.

Whether for permanent cooling (also spot cooling), for emergency cooling when stationary units have failed or to assist existing cooling systems at peak times – the combination of high mobility, capacity and robustness makes the PT 15000 S an ideal solution for manifold fields of application, e.g. trade fairs and exhibitions, laboratories, office spaces and shops, marquees, temporary shelters, storage and production facilities, data centres, industrial environments or hotels.

A few practical benefits:

  • Robust construction, specifically designed for mobile applications in the rental business
  • Enables cooling the room temperature down to 10 °C
  • Simple installation without the need to consult specialists – ready for use in a matter of minutes
  • Refrigerant-free heat removal from the internal unit to the heat exchanger
  • Connection lines extendable to up to 30 m by use of quick-lock couplings for cooling remote and windowless rooms
Two integrated bar handles protect the front panel from impact damages while simultaneously allowing easier transportation. Spot cooling attachments are optionally available for the air outlets.
Bar handles for shock protection and as transport aid
All settings can be made quickly and easily via the central control panel: Fan speed and target temperature can preselected individually. Moreover, it is possible to display the operating hours and to operate the device in pure ventilation mode without cooling function.
Well-arranged control panel, simple handling
The air conditioner PT 15000 S is supplied ready for use incl. two external heat exchangers and the corresponding connection sets of 10 m length each.
Scope of delivery for commercial air conditioner PT 15000 S


Commercial Air Conditioner PT 15000 S show in Trotec online shop

Commercial Air Conditioner PT 15000 S

The commercial air conditioning unit PT 15000 S with maximum cooling performance and robust construction.

8,750.45 £ incl. VAT
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Technical data
General information
  Article number
Cooling capacity at 25 °C
  Cooling capacity [kW] 15
  Cooling capacity [Btu/h] 51,182
Cooling capacity
  Max. cooling capacity [kW] 16
  Max. cooling capacity [Btu/h] 54,594
Amount of air
  Stage Min. [m³/h] 2,000
  Stage Max. [m³/h] 2,600
  stages 3
Attainable room temperature (min.)
  depending on operating conditions [°C] 10
Cooling medium
  Cooling medium Water
Surrounding conditions
  Min. temperature range [°C] 7
  Max. temperature range [°C] 35
Electrical values
  Mains connection 400 V/50 Hz
  Power input [kW] 6
  Nominal current consumption [A] 9.5
  Recommended fusing [A] 32
  Type of cooling agent R-410A
  Amount of cooling agent [g] 1,550
  GWP factor 2,088
  CO2 equivalent [t] 3.24
  Suction Side pressure [MPa] 3
  Discharge Side Pressure [MPa] 4.15
Sound values
  Stage 1 - Distance 3 m [dB(A)] 51
  Stage 2 - Distance 3 m [dB(A)] 56
  Stage 3 - Distance 3 m [dB(A)] 65
Exhaust air hose
  Total length [m]
  Diameter [mm]
Power input external unit
  kW 0.18
Sound values external unit
  Sound level Stage Max. - 3 m [dB(A)] 65
Connection line external unit
  Total length [m] 30
Heat dissipation
  External heat exchanger
  Closed water circuit
  hose length [m]
  Max. connecting line [m] 30
  Length of the connecting line [m] 10 (included in the scope of delivery)
  Length (packaging excluded) [mm] 415
  Width (packaging excluded) [mm] 1,065
  Height (packaging excluded) [mm] 1,500
  (packaging excluded) [kg] 205
Equipment, features and functions
Condensate draining
Room thermostat
Room air filter
  Readily accessible
Additional functions
  Adjustable air discharge direction
  Automatic function
  Dehumidification function
  Ventilation function
  Carry/transport handle(s)
  Plastic wheels
  Crane lugs

 standard equipment

 optionally available

 not available


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