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Vario-shift function

Learn more about the benefits of our unique Vario-Shift feature


Neat: All in one according to construction site & cleanroom standards!

Conventional air cleaners with inflexibly arranged filter ladders can well be used in construction zones, but are completely unsuitable for renovation work in cleanroom environments and thus prohibited.

Because of the operational requirements of terminal high-efficiency particulate air filters in cleanroom surroundings the HEPA filter has to be downstream of the fan as the last link at the end of the filter chain.

Since such a filtration sequence, inflexibly arranged, is on the other hand economically absolutely useless for renovation works infested with mould, because the fan would be contaminated with spores and would have to be elaborately cleaned and disinfected each time, it has as yet been impossible to meet both requirements flexibly and comfortably with only one air purification unit and without the use of additional attachment parts.

Thanks to the globally unique Vario-shift function, Trotec's TAC air cleaners can, by contrast, be variably adjusted for all application scenarios and in line with the regulations.

As the only portable air cleaner on the market, only TAC devices are equipped for a fast change of position of fan and HEPA unit, meaning you can re-arrange the filter ladders in line with demand in the required sequence for standard or cleanroom applications at any time.

Vario-shift function* to adapt the use of the filter ladder with terminal fan or HEPA filter.

Vario-shift function* to adapt the use of the filter ladder with terminal fan or HEPA filter.

* Premium fan (1) and HEPA filter frame (2) are merely coloured blue and green in the example figure to illustrate the Vario-shift function, they are, however, not delivered in these colours, but in black.