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Industrial Condenser Dryers of the DH Series

Professional drying systems for permanent stationary operation in industrial and utility companies

Trotec’s best solution for a perfect humidity control in the industrial sector

Strong drying performance, hardwearing exterior, long lifetime, low operating costs – and can be geared up for every possible challenge …

Industrial dryers of the DH series are professional dehumidification systems with high-quality and especially resistant components for a continuous dehumidification application in aggressive, industrial surroundings.

Due to the fact that they are working based on the principle of condensation, DH devices not only feature a high dehumidification performance, but are also particularly economical.

Combined with their large operating range, the manifold models, equipment and mounting options in existing production and storage surroundings, the industrial dryers of the DH series are the first choice in solving all sorts of high-capacity problems caused by humidity.

For the use in all particularly hygiene-sensitive areas many DH models are optionally also available as stainless steel versions!

A few practical benefits:

  • Closed drying systems
  • Very high dehumidification performance
  • Low-temperature dryers for operating ranges to -15 °C
  • Process and product dryers for operating ranges to +70 °C
  • Corrosion-protected design
  • Perfectly scalable for all environment requirements
  • Subsequently installable
  • Fully automatic, low-maintenance operation
  • Also for low-temperature applications, e.g. in cold storage houses
  • Reducing energy costs by means of heat recovery or process heat-assisted air heating
In top form – manufactured in Germany

In top form – manufactured in Germany

With the models DH 15, DH 30 and DH 60 you also benefit from professional drying devices originally produced by Trotec – quality "made in Germany" in an exclusive Trotec design.

All three industrial condenser dryers are readily prepared for wall mounting and optionally available with a condensate pump.

Very high dehumidification performance