Electric heater TDE 25

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Electric heater TDE 25

Simply undisputed

For more than two decades, this extremely robust electric heating device has been the long-term proven heating solution for clean warmth on construction sites, in workshops and construction trailers or sales, storage and exhibition rooms.

And this is for a reason: The TDE 25, adjustable in three stages, is pleasantly small but far from fragile: Its housing comprises an extremely robust double-wall made of 1.5 mm thick Zincor steel with hardened protective coating for permanent corrosion protection even in case of a damaged coating.

The double-walled construction of the TDE 25 reliably prevents heating of the outer shell. Without any irradiation losses, the powerful axial fan is thus able to discharge the warmth into the room by emitting the hot air flow through the galvanized discharge grille in a targeted manner – if required, via a connectable hot air hose to reach areas at a distance of up to seven metres from the heating device, which do not need to be ventilated, because no oxygen is consumed when heating electrically with the TDE 25.

Its high operational reliability, long lifetime and failure-free continuous operation make the plug-in TDE 25 the first choice for professional renters and all users requiring an almost indestructible heating solution in an easily transportable compact format.

A few practical benefits:

  • Enormously robust design – ideal for rentals and frequently changing sites
  • Double-walled construction – no heating of the outer shell
  • Galvanized discharge grille
  • Air inlet grille made of stainless steel
  • Connection facility for a hot air hose
  • Overheating protection for high operating safety
  • Non-condensing warmth – no oxygen consumption, therefore suited for use in closed rooms
Electric heater TDE 25
Electric heater TDE 25
Electric heater TDE 25
Electric heater TDE 25
Electric heater TDE 25


TDE 25 Industrial Electric Heater show in Trotec online shop

TDE 25 Industrial Electric Heater

The sturdy construction, the hammer paint finish and the galvanised discharge grille ensure that this profesional model will last and last. There is also a connecting point for a hot air hose which will allow you to distribute the warmth to where you want it.

175.12 £ incl. VAT
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Technical data
General information
  Article number 1.410.000.100
Heating capacity
  Stage 1 [kW] 3
  Stage 2 [kW]
  Stage 3 [kW]
  Stage 4 [kW]
  Stage Max. [kcal] 2,586
Amount of air
  Stage Max. [m³/h] 250
Air pressure
  Stage Max. [Pa] 40
Temperature increase
  in [°C] 36
Temperature increase
  Min. temperature [°C] -20
  Max. temperature [°C] 40
  Number of fan stages 1
Electrical values
  Mains connection 230 V/50 Hz
  Nominal current consumption [A] 13.4
  Recommended fusing [A] 16
  Power input [kW] 3
Electric connection
  Connection plug CEE 7/7
  Provided by the customer
  Cable length [m] 2.65
Sound values
  Distance 1 m [dB(A)] 55
Hose connector
  Hose connection
  Diameter [mm] 155
  Max. hose length [m] 7
  Length (packaging excluded) [mm] 315
  Width (packaging excluded) [mm] 260
  Height (packaging excluded) [mm] 355
  (packaging excluded) [kg] 11
Equipment, features and functions
  Carry/transport handle(s)
  Rubber-tyred metal wheels
  Plastic wheels

 standard equipment

 optionally available

 not available


SP-T Flexible Duct, 155 mm, 7.6 m show in Trotec online shop

SP-T Flexible Duct, 155 mm, 7.6 m

This air hose with 155 mm diameter is very flexible and in proportion 1:10 compressable. Simultaneously the PVC-coated polyamide material is robust and reinforced with steel spiral, so it is protected against bending.

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Universal Lashing Belt for SP Series show in Trotec online shop

Universal Lashing Belt for SP Series

Flexible connecting straps made of special material with an automatic stop mechanism at the strap buckle. Can be used to connect the hoses to connecting pieces or connecting collars.

You save: 33 %

5.47 £ 3.63 £ incl. VAT
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Pro extension cable 20 m / 230 V / 2.5 mm² - Made in Germany show in Trotec online shop

Pro extension cable 20 m / 230 V / 2.5 mm² - Made in Germany

The essential accessories for electric heaters, humidifiers, air-conditioning units etc.: Pro extension cable at a length of 20 m and with a supply voltage of 230 V. All that and it's made in Germany!

32.14 £ incl. VAT
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TEH 30 T Electric Heater show in Trotec online shop

TEH 30 T Electric Heater

With 3.3 kW heating output and its easy-maintenance construction, the TEH 30 T is not only suitable for the heaviest requirements on construction sites, just also in non-ventilated rooms because no oxygen is used.

213.43 £ incl. VAT
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Daily rent:
4.80 € incl. VAT per day


TDS 20 Electric Fan Heater show in Trotec online shop

TDS 20 Electric Fan Heater

The TDS electric fan heater combine solid technology in a budge-optimized solution with a focus on primarily long stationary heating applications. The TDS 20 electric heater convinces with a max. heating performance of 3.3 kW (2,838 kcal) at an emitted air volume of 335 m³/h.

73.53 £ incl. VAT
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TDS 20 R Electric Fan Heater show in Trotec online shop

TDS 20 R Electric Fan Heater

The stylish TDS 20 R with a maximum heating performance of 3 kW is well suited for easy, condensation free warm air heating of small inner rooms, workshops and garages.

73.53 £ incl. VAT
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Electric heater fan TDS 19 E show in Trotec online shop

Electric heater fan TDS 19 E

The red electric heater fan does not only have a fiery look, but also presents the ideal heating solution for construction trailers, indoor market stalls or smaller workshops.

73.53 £ incl. VAT
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