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Every drying application is different, thus be flexible in combining:

Professional refurbishment with the filter modules from Trotec

With the flexibly combinable MultiQube system modules
you are optimally prepared for any task, e.g.:

  1. Excess-pressure drying to 60 m²: a VX 5 MultiQube, variably adjusted to power stage 2
  2. Low-pressure drying to 50 m²: a VX 5 MultiQube and a water separator WA 4i MultiQube with integrated micro filter system*
  3. Risk of contamination or drying in hygienic areas: as application 2, additional HEPA filter MultiQube*
  4. Speeding-up of drying periods by 30 to 70 %: as application 3, additional drying control unitDA 4 MultiQube
  1. More power for excess-pressure drying to 90 m²: simply increase the power stage of the VX 5 to stage 3
  2. More power for low-pressure drying
    to 70 m²:
    as application 2 and the VX 5 set to power stage 3
  3. For large-scale drying with risk of contamination or in hygienic areas: as application 3 and the VX 5 set to power stage 3

* For still quicker drying combine with control unit DA 4.

Plus optional silencer application for all scenarios!

The individual stages of the Trotec filter ladder

Schematic representation of the modular MultiQube multi-stage filter system

Unfiltered, contaminated
air/water mixture

Baffle plate – Channels the air/water mixture into the collecting tank.
Coarse separation – the water contained in the process air remains in the water separator’s collecting tank

steel demister – pre-filtration
and fine separation of process air

Micro-filtration of process air
through micro filter element

HEPA filtration of process air
through HEPA filter element

The modular design of the Trotec filter ladder ensures flexibility, easy handling and high cost-effectiveness. All elements are perfectly geared to one another!