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Trotec odour neutralisers for effective odour elimination

Mobile odour neutralisers dispel pungent smells. Trotec keeps several devices for an effective odour neutralisation available. At home and in the industry!

Who is not familiar with this scenario? After water damage, cable fire, prolonged, appreciative smoking or after having spilled milk on the carpet, the stains are usually removed in a timely manner. Pungent smells, on the other hand, generally seem to linger on, imbibed by the fibres. Fight bad smells using the odour neutralisers from Trotec. Odour neutralisation: professional, effective and thorough – without using chemicals or scents. With their modern and powerful devices for odour neutralisation Trotec helps you to eliminate even the most persistent of odours quickly and without difficulty. Your walls, floors and furnishings can breathe with relief.

Unlike devices which simply cover bad smells with scents the Trotec odour neutralisers probe the causes. Choose a thorough odour neutralisation: Making use of an ionisation process and non-toxic substances, bad smells are dispelled immediately – an effective odour neutralisation method for occupied rooms. This type of gentle, yet thorough odour neutralisation is especially suited for use at home as well as in sensitive areas like hotels or the catering trade. With this device you no longer have to turn up your nose at vomit or urine residues. The more, the better? If so, use one of the most powerful odour neutralisers on the market Trotec has to offer. With the ozonization procedure the Trotec odour neutralisers take deliberate action against odour molecules by means of oxidative decomposition. The mobile power packs for odour neutralisation fight the most persistent of smells quickly and effectively – as in case of mould growth, musty odours and fire residues. Always effective, always thorough!

We have just the device for your specific odour elimination application. Choose from the light and compact plasma field ionizer, the mobile odour neutraliser AirgoPro 8 or the two particularly powerful ozone generators Airozon 5000 and Airozon Supercracker. At any rate you will get a mobile, powerful and effective odour neutraliser for quick, reliable and permanent odour elimination.

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