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The functional principle of the Trotec odour neutralisers

The operation of the Airozon and AirgoPro series explained in detail

Airozon series

The odour neutralisers of the Airozon series produce ozone, an enormously reactive oxidiser, which cleaves and neutralises odour molecules.

The ozone is obtained from the oxygen contained in the room air.

The air undergoes a corona discharge which leads to a preparatory production of atomic oxygen, a free radical, and subsequent formation of ozone (O3).

Due to the oxidative decomposition of airborne and immovable pollutants (e.g. in the floor, walls, ceiling), the radicals generated in the device cause an odour neutralisation and decontamination by means of killing viruses, bacteria, mould and carcinogenic/allergenic microorganisms.

Owing to its metastable bond, ozone decomposes into oxygen again after an appropriate regeneration period without leaving harmful residues.

AirgoPro series

Odour neutralisers of the AirgoPro series are plasma field ionizers whose functional principle is comparable with that of ozone generators, however, works with a lower energy input.

The air led through the device is subject to a glow discharge (ionization). The fission products forming only inside the immovable plasma consist of singlet oxygen and its modifications, atomic oxygen as free radical, i.a. here also preparatory product for ozone generation.

The pollutants in this sucked-in air such as viruses, bacteria and mould are subject to an oxidative decomposition, backed by the presence of hydroxyl radicals.

During operation in ventilated rooms and with a distance of approx. 2 m to the ion source, plasma field ionizers also admit the presence of persons.