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Technical data
General information
Article number 3.510.205.227 3.510.205.230
DC voltage [V/DC]
Accuracy ± [%] 30
Max. measuring range [V] 400 690
Min. measuring range [V] 12 12
AC voltage [V/AC]
Accuracy ± [%] 30
Max. measuring range [V] 400 400
Min. measuring range [V] 12 12
Inspection Type
Test type Bipolar contact measurement Bipolar contact measurement
Internal Resistance
Internal resistance load test [kΩ] 25
Internal resistance nominal [kΩ] 300 300
Display LED bargraph LED bargraph
Measuring circuit category
CAT III (600 V)
CAT III (400 V)
EN 61010-2-031
EN 61010-1
EN 61,326
IEC 61243-3
Type of protection
Housing design
Power supply
Internal (battery)
Via measuring voltage
Surrounding conditions
Max. humidity range [%RH] 85
Operation - max. temperature [°C] 55 50
Operation - min. temperature [°C] -10 0
Length (packaging excluded) [mm] 240 240
Width (packaging excluded) [mm] 26 40
Height (packaging excluded) [mm] 45 78
(packaging excluded) [kg] 0.13 0.237
Standard scope of delivery
Standard scope of delivery
Measuring device
Operating manual
Measuring tip adapter (4 mm)
Contact temperature sensor type K
Transport bag
One pair of measuring cables (banana)
Ascertainable measured values and functions
Internal sensors
DC voltage [V/DC]
AC voltage [V/AC]
Functions and features
Acoustic continuity check
Continuity check
Visual continuity check
Integrated torch
Acoustic alarm
Visual alarm
Unipolar phase testing
Phase sequence indicator
Polarity test
Automatic switch-on
RCD test
Low ohmic test
Overvoltage protection
Automatic detection of DC and AC voltage

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