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Business: +49 2452 962 400
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New conveying fans of the TTV-S series

Because your working air deserves high-class transportation!

It is a well-known saying that you can't make an omelette without breaking eggs. But in commercial work there's hardly ever eggs involved. In most cases more precise would probably be "You can't be hard at work without producing dust.".

With our new conveying fans TTV 1000 S and TTV 2500 S you are optimally prepared for every situation, since these universal transport fans are ideally suited for many typical air transport tasks and moreover impress with an especially attractive value-for-money ratio!

Whether stale, polluted air needs to be discharged or fresh air introduced, both even in combination poses no problem for these flexibly applicable transport fans, because they are provided with bilateral hose connectors, so that, if required, dust bags fastened to the air outlet can be combined with air transport hoses on the suction side without difficulty.

Depending on the model, hoses of a length of up to 38 metres can be connected to these conveying fans for dust collection across storeys or the ventilation of shafts.

Owing to the bilateral hose connectors, the TTV-S fans are also perfectly suited as transport fan for far-off connected mobile air conditioning or heating applications.

In order to assist the used cooling or heating units, the powerful conveying fans are simply installed in between the ends of two air transport hoses and so increase the conveying distances of warm or cold air even in case of very long hose routes.

Both conveying fans are provided with a robust polyethylene housing with encapsulated fan and thanks to the integrated carry handle and stackability can easily be transported and stored space-savingly.

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Conveying fan TTV 1000 S
Conveying fan TTV 2500 S