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Business: +49 2452 962 400
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Best of 2014: Heimwerker Praxis (magazine with test reports for DIY enthusiasts) elects the dehumidifier TTK 75 S

Note 1.3 for the TTK 75 S!

The independent editorial team of Heimwerker Praxis puts high-quality tools and products to the acid test. In addition to the results of common test methods, the editors often notice products which strike the eye based on their properties, e.g. an appealing design, superior workmanship or particularly good energy efficiency during operation. Heimwerker Praxis now awarded 20 of such products "Best of 2014". Our dehumidifier TTK 75 S is at the top of the list.

Usually the tests of Heimwerker Praxis involve the functioning, handling and equipment of a product as well as the issue of quality and the value-for-money ratio. When selecting the "Best of 2014" products, however, it wasn't a matter of fixed criteria or quantifiable performance values. Here, "qualities which can't easily be represented with standard test methods" played a more important role. Already in April 2013, had the dehumidifier TTK 75 S attained the overall rating 1.3 (very good). Above all, the compact device impressed the editors with its energy-efficient operation with simultaneous high performance. Because, according to Heimwerker Praxis, the dehumidifier TTK 75 S "despite its low power consumption of 330 watts still achieves a dehumidification performance of up to 24 litres per day." By restricting the humidity levels, mould is deprived of its foundation for growth. Moreover, the container can easily be emptied without spilling. In conclusion, the editors of Heimwerker Praxis said that the dehumidifier TTK 75 S , despite its economical power consumption, firmly holds the reigns of indoor humidity.

Regardless of where the TTK 75 S is applied. Up to a room size of 125 m³, it dries bedrooms and living spaces, bathrooms and washing rooms and prevents mould growth. The amount of circulated air can be adjusted in two stages to fine-tune the dehumidification performance. During unattended drying the overflow protection provides safety; for permanent drying applications the condensate can be discharged directly into a drain via a hose connection. The anti-bacterial air purification filter filters animal hair, fluff, pollen and dust and prevents bacterial growth.

Furthermore, the TTK 75 S impresses with its unique design. So it leaves nothing to be desired. Order the dehumidifier today.