11-piece drill bit and chisel set of Trotec brand quality

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Professional set for rotary hammers

11-piece drill bit and chisel set of industrial quality

This 11-piece professional set is the perfect equipment for impact and hammer drilling using rotary hammers such as the PRDS 10-230V from Trotec and it is also suitable for all rotary and percussion hammers with SDS-plus chuck.

9 twisted hammer drill bits with diameters between 5 and 22 mm permit a quick and easy fitting even of larger wall plugs. All drill bits are made of hardwearing, chromium-alloyed tool steel and their impact-proof tungsten carbide tips come with a hardness of 48 HRC ensuring both a long lifetime and a quick drilling progress even under heavy duty conditions. Moreover, the asymmetric spiral shape of the drill bits ensures an optimum removal of drill dust.

Furthermore, this professional set contains two special high-quality chisels for demolition work and reworking tasks in concrete or to produce masonry openings:

The unbreakable flat chisel (20 x 250 mm) made of alloyed, wear-resistant, industrial-grade tool steel enables a purposeful and precise crushing action on rock for quick wall breakthroughs or chasing line ducts. The geometry of the chisel’s cutting tip prevents it from being jammed.

The additionally supplied pointed chisel (14 x 250 mm) comes with the same tool characteristics. Its special design causes a concentration of the entire impact energy straight to the point and the wedge action ensures maximum material removal for fast working progress.

The professional set is delivered in a lockable storage box holding all tool attachments neatly arranged and ready for use.

Drill bit and chisel set with convenient storage box

A few practical benefits:

  • All attachments are made of alloyed wear-resistant tool steel – ideally suited for use in stone, light-weight concrete and bricks
  • Suitable for all rotary and percussion hammers with SDS-plus tool fitting
  • Delivered in a convenient storage box
Trotec complete set with 9 percussion drill bits, pointed chisel and flat chisel
Tungsten carbide-tipped bits with a hardness of 48 HRC
Top-quality, chromium-alloyed tool steel
For impact and hammer drilling
SDS-plus shank
Trotec quality: Ideal for impact drilling and chiselling in concrete and brickwork
Delivered incl. a lockable storage box

Tools included in the set:

  • 9 tungsten carbide-tipped hammer drill bits ø 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 and 22 mm
  • 1 flat chisel 20 x 250 mm for the purposeful and precise crushing of rock
  • 1 pointed chisel 14 x 250 mm for maximum impact power in concrete and masonry straight to the point


11-Piece Drill Bit and Chisel Set show in Trotec online shop

11-Piece Drill Bit and Chisel Set

The drill bit and chisel set consists of 9 drill bits as well as 2 chisel attachments. All attachments are made of high quality alloy steel 40Cr and are suitable for working on stone, light concrete and brick. The mounting system of the attachments is according to SDS-Plus.

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