15 rock drill bits of Trotec brand quality as complete set

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15-piece rock drill bit set

The ideal solution for professional rock drilling indoors and outdoors

Unlike in metal or wood, drills cannot simply cut up harder materials such as granite, concrete or brickwork. Therefore, special rock drill bits are required with a tip that shatters the material with small, high-frequency impacts.

15-piece rock drill bit set from Trotec in a convenient storage box

With the professional rock drill bit set from Trotec you are optimally prepared for this purpose, because all 15 supplied rock twist drill bits have a particularly hardwearing carbide tip with a hardness of 89 HRC and blunted cutting edge so as to achieve a quicker drilling progress even in hard materials. Fitting even a great number of wall plugs should be accomplished quickly and easily whilst the high true-running accuracy of the Trotec quality drill bits guarantees precise dowel holes. Moreover, the asymmetric spiral shape of the drill bits ensures an optimum removal of drill dust.

Since the drill bits were made completely of durable, high-strength industrial-grade carbon steel as per ISO 5468, they have a long tool life even after many drilling processes. Owing to the cylindrical shank they can moreover be combined with all current rotary and impact drilling machines.

The rock drill bit set comprises more than one piece of each drill size with a diameter between 3 and 10 mm. For a better readability of the respective characteristics even after repeated use, the dimensions were stamped into the shaft of every drill bit.

The complete set is delivered in a stable plastic box which enables both the clean transportation and the suspension from a pegboard. All drill bits are firmly fitted and presorted in a fixed position, owing to an inclinable retainer they can easily be removed from the box.

A few practical benefits:

  • Complete set of Trotec brand quality
  • 15 rock twist drill bits made of durable, high-strength carbon steel with a long lifetime for working in stone
  • Heat-resistant carbide tip for high durability with a maximum hardness of 89 HRC
  • Can be used with rotary and impact drilling machines of all makes
  • Suitable for use in granite, concrete, masonry, sand lime bricks, natural and artificial stone
  • High true-running accuracy guarantees exact dowel holes
  • Asymmetric spiral shape ensures optimum removal of drill dust
  • Delivered in a convenient storage box with integrated suspension lug for wall fastening when not in use
Carbide-tipped bits with a hardness of 89 HRC
Rock twist drill bits made of high-strength carbon steel
Trotec quality: Ideal for drilling in rock and concrete
With cylindrical shank and impact-resistant carbide tips as per ISO 5468
Trotec complete set with 15 rock drill bits made of carbon steel
Rock drill bit set of Trotec brand quality
The storage box of the Trotec set with convenient suspension attachment


15-Piece Stone Drill Set show in Trotec online shop

15-Piece Stone Drill Set

The stone drill set consists of 15 different stone spiral-drills made of durable, high-strength carbon steel. The drill bits are fitted with a heat resistant carbide tip (maximum hardness 89 HRC) to ensure high durability.

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