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Future product innovations

PJSS 11-20V

20 V cordless jigsaw with combinable Flexpower multi-battery

The perfect combination of strength, endurance and precision. With its 4-stage adjustable pendulum stroke, the wireless Jigsaw PJSS 11-20V ensures tear-free cuts, fast sawing progress, better cornering and longer blade life. Other plus points for the device are for example, the pendulum lift free fine cut adjustment, a stepless speed control, the tool-free accessory change, the blower function for chip-free cutting lines and an integrated vacuum cleaner connection. A reliable source of power is the 20 V lithium-ion (2.0 Ah) battery, which can be flexibly combined with other Trotec power tools. Without memory effect and self-discharge, it is charged by a fast charger in one hour. Its state of charge can be checked at any time on the capacity display integrated in the battery, even without the battery being connected to the device.

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PSCS 11-20V

20 V cordless drill with Flexpower multi-battery

More power and more flexibility - with the PSCS 11-20V you are well equipped! Its powerful 2-speed metal gearbox with 25 torque steps plus one drill step drives screws and drill bits relentlessly into wood and metal. The infinitely variable speed control with Quickstop or the automatic spindle lock are also impressive. The strongest argument, however, is the one hour rechargeable 20 V lithium-ion battery (2.0 Ah) with no self-discharge and memory effect. Thanks to the capacity display integrated in the battery, the state of charge can be checked without the battery being connected to the device. In addition, the practical powerhouse can also be combined with other 20 V tools as part of Trotec's Flexpower multi-battery system.

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PWLS 10-20V

Battery work light

Pretty bright! This high performance LED tube light provides up to 8 hours of extra light with 300 lumens. So that you can react flexibly in every situation, the light head can be swiveled by 180 ° in 7 positions and rotated by 270 °. In addition, a flashlight is integrated and the cordless spotlight can be conveniently hung by hook for work in which you have your hands free. The perennial 20V lithium-ion multi-battery is part of the Trotec Flexpower system and also fits on to other 20V tools. For those who already own a Flexpower battery, the work lamp PWLS 10 is also available without battery.

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PCPS 10-16V, PCPS 11-16V

Cordless compressor and Battery air pump

These two pumps are compatible with all common valves thanks to the 10-piece adapter set and they inflate almost everything. The high-performance PCPS 10-16V cordless compressor is ideal for high air pressure of up to 7 bar on tires, balls or games and sporting goods, and offers pressure preselection with automatic shutdown at the desired pressure. The PCPS 11-16V 2-in-1 Multifunction Battery Air Pump is the quick and easy choice for inflating and deflating mattresses, beach items, dinghies, air beds, swimming pools and camping gear. For maximum flexibility, the 16 V lithium-ion battery without memory effect and without self-discharge can also be combined with other Trotec 16 V Flexpower multi-battery tools.

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PCSS 10-20V

Cordless circular saw

Cordless, powerful and easy to handle - with the PCSS 10-20V you can make exact cuts up to 48 mm deep. The cutting angle can be adjusted up to 45° without steps and tools. With the aid of the cut line markings on the base plate for 0° / 45° and the switchable guide laser, you will always achieve optimal results. The strongest feature, however, is the powerful Flexpower multi-battery. This powerful 20 V, 2.0 Ah lithium-ion battery can also be used with many other power tools from Trotec and is ready to use again within an hour.

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PRDS 10-20V

Cordless Hammer Drill

The Cordless Hammer Drill PRDS 10-20V convinces with screwdriving and drilling applications in wood and metal. In addition, the pneumatic hammer unit with 1 joule of impact fully exploits its strength in hammer drilling in masonry and concrete. Stepless stroke and speed control with Quickstop always ensures full force control and thanks to the SDS-plus holder, a tool change is completed in a matter of seconds. As part of the Flexpower multi-battery system, the 20 V, 2.0 Ah lithium-ion battery without memory effect and without self-discharge can also be flexibly combined with other Trotec cordless tools.

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PMSS 10-220

Multifunction sander

The Participate PMSS 10-220 optionally delta, eccentric or orbital sander, and is ideal for all applicable grinding in corners, edges and on larger surfaces. Its powerful 220 W motor offers consistently high power even under load. In addition, the multi-loop tool impresses, among other things, with its continuously variable oscillation preselection with soft start and a continuous operation switch. The practical velcro system and the tool-free clamping system ensure quick and easy sanding blade changes.

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PMTS 10-20V

Cordless Multifunction Tool

The wireless all-rounder for grinding, scraping, sawing and cutting. The 20 V lithium-ion battery with no memory effect and no self-discharge offers reliable, constant power and, as part of the Flexpower multi-battery system, can be flexibly combined with other Trotec cordless tools. For maximum working comfort, the additional handle, the infinitely variable vibration preselection with soft start and the quick-release system with just a few seconds provide tool-free accessory changes. Typical Trotec quality: Our cordless multifunction tool and the 1-hour quick charger were naturally tested by TÜV Rheinland.

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Food infrared thermometer

The 2-in-1 thermometer in the optimised Trotec design determines the internal temperature of food in a measuring range of -40 ° C to + 200 ° C and surface temperatures without contact by infrared to +280 ° C. These compact, robust and washable (protection class IP65) helpers are suitable for transporters, trade or gastronomy - with the BP5F, the temperature can be controlled - Eg for monitoring the cold chain or cooking temperatures - can be carried out quickly and reliably according to HACCP.

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Coating Thickness Gauge

Ideal for professional coating thickness control of car paints and other coatings on magnetic and non-ferromagnetic metals. The BB30 operates according to the magnetic induction or eddy current principle. It has a spring-mounted dual-sensor measuring head with V-groove for measurements on curves and offers a large measuring range from 0 μm to 2,000 μm. With the additional external measuring head and the 90 cm long probe extension, even difficult to access measuring points can be reached.

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Non-destructive moisture measurement of wood humidity and building moisture

If you want to measure in quick and non-destructive way the humidity in materials such as wood, gypsum plaster, cement screed or if you want to control drying process, you can find the reliable partner in the BM40.

Learn more about the BM40

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Wallscanner BI20


Indispensable detection device for drilling aid and guidance

The wall scanner BI20 reliably locates the ferrous metals, nonferrous metals, live vires and also wooden substructure, which are located under plasters, gypsum, and concrete.

Learn more about the BI20

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Ozone meter

Detect harmful ozone levels on busy roads, in smog weather, in homes and offices or on production facilities. With the handy OZ-ONE even low ozone concentrations can be measured quickly and accurately. The measuring range is 0.00-1.00 ppm (0-1.996 μg/m3). In addition, other climate parameters such as air temperature, humidity, dew point and wet bulb temperature can be recorded. For convenient measurements, the OZ-ONE has convenient features such as ozone zero calibration, temperature/humidity offset, data hold, alarm, max/min and auto-off, display lighting and tripod recording.

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Current product innovations
TTR 10000 / 12000 / 13500

TTR 10000 / 12000 / 13500

TTR adsorption drying units

With a dehumidifying capacity of up to 1,790.4 kg / 24h and an air volume of up to 14,700 m³ / h, our two largest TTR models are the powerful solution for industrial applications. Thanks to a wide range of options, they can be individually configured for almost any requirement. Efficient, robust, low-maintenance and above all economical. "Made in Germany" - from original Trotec fabrication.

Learn more about the TTR 10000, TTR 12000, TTR 13500

The very latest!

IDE 100 D

Direct oil fired heater

The oil fired direct heater IDE 100 D generates 100 kW of hot air of up to 1,300 m³ / h and thus achieves a temperature increase of up to 350 ° C. In addition, it features overheat protection, a large 69 liter fuel tank with level indicator, integrated thermostat, external thermostat connection and practical chassis. The reliable and robust hot air cannon is ideal for continuous heating on drafty construction sites, in cold but well-ventilated storage areas or in agriculture.

Learn more about the IDE 100 D

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Brake Fluid tester

The handy brake fluid tester BW05 is the perfect measuring device to quickly and precisely check the water content in the brake fluid of the car, motorcycle or truck, both in the car garage and at home in the garage. The three most important brake fluid types DOT3, DOT4 and DOT5.1 can be controlled in seconds using the self-explanatory indicator LEDs according to the traffic light principle.

Learn more about the BW05

The very latest!

PCSS 10-1200

Hand circular saw

The 1200 W strong circular saw in compact format offers an exact cutting depth of up to 55 mm and a cutting angle which can be adjusted continuously without tools up to 45 °. Appropriate cut line markings for 0 ° and 45 ° are stamped on the stable base plate. The user is protected by a safety switch to avoid unwanted switching on. The integrated vacuum connection allows dust-free, clean work.

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PCSS 10-1400

Hand-held circular saw

The new 1400-watt hand-held circular saw achieves a cutting depth of up to 65 mm and can be continuously adjusted to a cutting angle of up to 45 °. The speed pre-selection can be set continuously using the adjusting wheel for the material to be sawn. The circular saw is protected against unintentional switching on, offering soft start and stop current limitation as well as a high-quality aluminium pendulum protection hood with pull-back lever for particularly high working safety. A switchable laser guide light precisely marks the desired cutting line.

Learn more about the PCSS 10-1400

The very latest!

PRCS 10-850

Sabre saw

With the 850 Watt powerful sabre saw, including electronic range selection, powerful and precise cuts can be made in a variety of materials. The work can be carried out comfortably in any position thanks to the 3-turn swivel head. In addition, the saw offers a quick-action chuck for tool-free saw blade changing, a tool-free adjustable guide shoe, an LED working light and an additional stroke control for constant speed delivery.

Learn more about the PRCS 10-850

The very latest!

PHDS 10-230V

Hammer drill

Ideal for powerful screw and drilling applications in wood and metal as well as impact drilling in masonry. The new 650 W Hammer drill from Trotec convinces, thanks to its compact slim design, the stepless speed control, the lockable permanent operating switch, the keyless chuck with lock function and a simple tool change thanks to spindle locking. Of course in TÜV-tested quality!

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PTNS Series

Staple Guns

The two new Trotec Staple Guns, with fast firing of 20 or 30 staples or nails per minute, are part of the basic equipment for every home or craftsman. If a particularly high degree of flexibility is desired, the cordless model can be used with a 3.6V lithium-ion battery, and for demanding continuous use the power cord variant is a good alternative. Both products are convincing in every case by the best handling, powerful performance and easy reloading.

Learn more about the PTNS 10-3,6V, PTNS 10-230V

The very latest!

PGGS Series

Hot Glue Guns

The two new compact hot glue guns from Trotec are indispensable when crafting or repairing. They glue rapidly and easily, e.g. Wood, plastic, textiles, cardboard, paper, ceramics, leather, cork, glass, PVC and metal. The automatic adhesive retraction mechanism allows clean work without dripping. With or without built-in 3.7V lithium-ion battery - these helpers are simply practical!

Learn more about the PGGS 10-3,7V, PGGS 10-230V

The very latest!

TGH 10 E / TGH 15 E / TGH 30 E

Gas heater with 10 kW, 15 kW and 30 kW

The three new high-performance mobile TGH-E gas heaters with robust housing are ideally suited for use in construction, agriculture, well-ventilated storage rooms, garages and larger tents. In addition to an easily accessible piezo ignition to ignite the flame, the devices have a safety thermostat as well as an integrated temperature sensor which prevents unwanted gas leakage.

Learn more about the TGH-E-Series

The very latest!

TDS 10 C / TDS 20 C

TDS 10 C / TDS 20 C

Ceramic heaters with 2 kW and 3 kW

These two small but mighty heaters are immediately noticeable in their signal-red metal housings, are extremely robust and generate rapid, energy-efficient heat with the long-life PTC ceramic heating coil without burning dust. For temperature regulation, two heating stages, one ventilation stage without heating function and a continuously adjustable thermostat are offered.

Learn more about the TDS 10 C, TDS 20 C

The very latest!

TDS 10 P / TDS 20 P

Ceramic heater with radial blower

Thanks to ceramic PTC heating elements, our two new heaters (2 kW and 3 kW) are ideal for fast heating of small to medium-sized rooms. The powerful yet quiet radial blower efficiently distributes the heat at high pressure. Both offer 2 heat settings, a fan stage and a thermostat. The integrated anti-tip protection ensures a particularly high safety.

Learn more about the TDS 10 P, TDS 20 P

The very latest!

TDS 20 M / TDS 30 M / TDS 50 M

Ceramic heater with 3 kW, 5 kW and 9 kW

The three new TDS-M heaters are equipped with durable ceramic PTC registers. Unlike conventional heating wire appliances, they do not burn dust. In addition to several heating stages, a ventilation stage as well as an integrated thermostat for stepless adjustment of the desired temperature, they offer everything for indoor heating in the construction, in the catering trade, at home, in the garden hut or in the holiday home!

Learn more about the TDS 20 M, TDS 30 M, TDS 50 M

The very latest!

PBSS 10-600

Belt Sander

This powerful 600 W belt sander allows high abrasion on large surfaces and is ideal for grinding, sharpening, smoothing, cleaning, deburring and de-rusting wood, plastic, metal and steel. The belt speed can be adjusted infinitely and the slim front roller allows edge-like grinding. With the help of the tool-less clamping system, the grinding belt can be changed quickly and easily. A dust collector and the adapter for the external dust extraction ensure clean work.

Learn more about the PBSS 10-600

The very latest!



Gas warning device and gas detector in one

The BG40 is ideal for leak testing of gas cartridges, LPG tanks, gas pipes and fittings. With high sensitivity, the compact handheld meter records even the smallest gas leaks and warns visually, acoustically and by vibration before the escape of e.g. Combustible or toxic gases.

Learn more about the BG40

The very latest!

PPLS 10-750


The powerful 750 W plane ensures a high surface quality and a clean chip removal. Thanks to infinitely variable adjustment of the clearance depth, fold depth stop, parallel stop and hard metal knives,- sophisticated planing can be carried out with the highest precision. Three V-grooves for edge chamfering, an automatic parking shoe and the variable chip discharge including dust extraction adapter complete the convincing performance package.

Learn more about the PPLS 10-750

The very latest!



Ultrasonic level meter

The compact SL3000 is a professional ultrasonic detector kit for quick and easy leak detection, wear diagnostics or leak testing. By means of ultrasound, compressed air leakages can be spot-found and wear signs can be detected at an early stage. The powerful sound transducer technology makes the ultrasonic signals audible and also displayed on the display. The extremely sound-insulated headphones enable a safe location even in severe ambient noise.

Learn more about the SL3000

The very latest!



2-in-1 Correlator for Leakage Detection

By means of correlation or electroacoustics - the LD20HC combines two methods for leak detection in pipelines and drinking water networks. For water suppliers and metrological service providers, it offers advanced measuring technology with the ultra-fast 6-core processor and a patent-pending, innovative smart function for even faster acoustic point leak detection.

Learn more about the LD20HC

The very latest!


Commercial air dehumidifier

The TTK 165 ECO offers a high dehumidifying capacity of 52 l / day for rooms up to 230 m³. Its attractive price-performance ratio makes it the first choice for all commercial users looking for a particularly robust and economical dehumidifier.

Learn more about the TTK 165 ECO

The very latest!

TWP-E series

TWP-E series

Clear water / dirty water submersible pumps

With a max. capacity of 13,000 litres per hour and an immersion depth of up to 7 meters, the TWP-E series is ideally suited for a wide range of pumping tasks around the house, garden, pond, pool and well, as well as for the empty pumping of underground basements. The automatic switch-on and switch-off point can be adjusted using the float switch. The clear water submersible pump TWP 4005 E is also flat suction.

Learn more about the TWP-E series

The very latest!

TFV 10 / TFV 30

TFV 10 / TFV 30

Square, practical, efficient

The professional TFV- turbofans are especially good with aeration drying of any kind and convinces with clever equipment details.

The very latest!

PAGS series

PAGS series

Angle grinder: robust and strong

Whether for cutting, grinding and brushing metal or for cutting tiles and concrete blocks - the new angle grinders from Trotec provide the ideal conditions for a comfortable and effortless work, either for the proven professional or for the passionate DIY enthusiast.

Learn more about the PAGS series

The very latest!



The plus in insulation layer drying

The new Qube+ offers you even more advantages: optimised sound development (up to half the volume), smarter control software for maximised drying efficiency, additional eco-performance for drying smaller surfaces, MID-compliant energy consumption meters and other innovations. And, that's how modern day insulation drying works!

Learn more about the Qube+

The very latest!

TTR Cargo

TTR Cargo

Mobile air dehumidification directly on site

The TTR Cargo is a ready-to-go all-weather trailer solution for mobile drying applications with high capacities, for example when drying large new buildings, renovation sites or as a fast, temporary replacement for faulty stationary equipment. Depending on the capacity requirement, the TTR Cargo is available in combination with the adsorption drying units TTR 5200, 6600 or 8200, and thus, is able to provide up to 8,200 m³/h of dry air and a dehumidification performance of up to 1,109 litres per day.

Learn more about the TTR Cargo

The very latest!

HyStream 200 / HyStream 2100

HyStream 200 / HyStream 2100

Two hot helpers for craftsmanship

Development, design, manufacturing: 100% Trotec! The two 2,000 watt hot air blowers in the ergonomic pistol design are delivered with four practical pre-mounted nozzles. With the HyStream 200, the temperature is adjustable in two stages up to 550 ° C, the HyStream 2100 offers a temperature regulation between 50 ° C and 650 ° C in 10 degree steps. In addition, the 2100 model has a cold stage for fast temperature reduction and an easy-to-read LCD display with color change when the desired temperature is reached.

Learn more about the HyStream 200, HyStream 2100

The very latest!



Ultra Compact listening device for leak detection

With the accu-rated LD6, cables or fittings can be easily checked for leakage noises with one-button operation. Due to the filtering of high or low frequencies, the handy listening device makes precise measurements on metallic and non-metallic lines. The transmission of the noise to the headphones is wireless by Bluetooth.

Learn more about the LD6

The very latest!



Professional sound level meter

The SL400 is the indispensable companion for recording and documenting workplace, industrial or environmental noise. For measurements over an extended period, the device has an integrated memory for up to 32,700 measured values, a corresponding evaluation software and a mini tripod included in the scope of delivery.

Learn more about the SL400

The very latest!

PT 6500 S

PT 6500 S

Universal split air-conditioning system with a new design

Development, design, manufacturing: 100% Trotec. This robust cooling unit is the first choice for all applications where an economical and user-friendly solution for mobile cooling use is required. The high air flow allows the climate control of large rooms up to 130 m³.

Learn more about the PT 6500 S

The very latest!

TAC 1500 S

TAC 1500 S

Small, compact, robust!

The air purifier TAC 1500 S with a maximum air volume flow of 1,000 m³ / h is a favorable alternative for the air extraction and cleaning of a wide range of contaminated work areas. Professional advantages: Easy filter change through front release, sensor-supported optical and acoustic filter change indicator, modular and flexible filter modules for HEPA, F7 pleated or pocket filter and G4.

Learn more about the TAC 1500 S

The very latest!



The smart solution for the documentation of climatic data

The DL200 series of data loggers in a completely new Trotec design offer the right solution for all documentation tasks, whether for monitoring during transportation or the production of sensitive products, operating refrigeration cabinets, in server rooms or for determining the causes of moisture and mold damage in apartments, Made in Germany. Available now in three different color combinations!

Learn more about the DL200 Series

The very latest!



The perfect solution for safe power connectionl on the construction site

The IP44-protected 4-way power strip of robust solid rubber has a Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB) and a MID-compliant energy consumption meter - both fused under a lockable closure flap. A quality product "made in Germany" with equipment approval for construction and assembly sites according to BGI 608.

Learn more about the PV4-MID

The very latest!



100% biodegradable

The new liquid descaler from Trotec based on amidosulphonic acid is universally suitable for air humidifiers, air-conditioning systems, automatic coffee machines and other hot water appliances. The practical color indicator indicates when the decalcification force has been consumed and whether all descaler residues have been rinsed out of the device.

Learn more about the descaler

The very latest!



Point-accurate leak detection by ultrasound

Professional, punctual and inexpensive leak detection in compressed air ducts for steam, gas, vacuum systems, kettles, liquid-conducting pipes, valves, slides as well as for preventive wear diagnostics on ball, rolling and plain bearings. To test pressureless systems, a special ultrasonic transmitter is included in the set.

Learn more about the SL800

The very latest!

IDX 30 D

IDX 30 D

Ideal for continuous heating

The new oil heating fan IDX 30 D generates clean and dry hot air in volumes of up to 735 m³ / h with 30 kW heating capacity. With overheating protection, integrated fuel tank incl. Level indicator and a chassis for a simple location change, it is reliably suitable for permanent heating on frosty construction sites, in agriculture or cold but well-ventilated storage areas.

Learn more about the IDX 30 D

The very latest!

PJSS series

PJSS series


Whether straight sections or narrow contours, whether as a battery-powered or wired - with the new Jigsaws from Trotec you can saw easily and accurately. The sturdy, yet lightweight construction and the handy design ensure optimum working results. A saw must be!

Learn more about the PJSS-Serie

The very latest!

PHDS 10-20V

PHDS 10‑20V

Cordless Impact Drill

The 20 Volt lithium-ion battery provides the necessary power for screw and drill applications in wood and metal as well as for impact drilling in masonry. Thanks to the infinitely variable speed control with quickstop and the left or right-hand-mounted handle, the power transmission can be optimally controlled and dispensed with the PHDS 10‑20V. With a weight of only 3 kg it is also pleasantly light.

Learn more about the PHDS 10‑20V

The very latest!



Fast under-door connection made easy

Worldwide unique - exclusive only for Trotec: With the PlanoPT sub-door connection, the connection sets between water-cooled PT air-conditioning units and their external heat exchangers can also be installed under doors, saving time. Professional quality "made in Germany" from our own manufacturer.

Learn more about the PlanoPT

The very latest!

PRDS 10-230V

PRDS 10‑230V

Hammer and Chisel Drill

With a power consumption of 1,500 watts and an impact force of 5 joules in the pneumatic hammer mechanism, the PRDS 10‑230V allows powerful drilling, hammer drilling and chiseling. The vibration absorber in the rear handle and the 360 ° adjustable front handle ensure a secure grip in any situation.

Learn more about the PRDS 10‑230V

The very latest!

Trocknungsaggregat TTR 8200

TTR 5200 / TTR 6600 / TTR 8200

TTR Desiccant Dehumidifiers

Powerful and in new design: Our best recommendation when it comes to precision, low maintenance and cost-efficient conditioning of large dry air flow rates for production processes or building in the manufacturing industry. Of course, "100% Made in Germany"!

Learn more about the TTR 5200, TTR 6600, TTR 8200

The very latest!

Schwimmbad-Luftentfeuchter der DS-Serie

DS Series

Dehumidifiers DS Series for Swimming pool

Within the new Trotec’s design: Pool dehumidifiers "Made in Germany" for fully automatic and cost-effective dehumidification in indoor swimming pools and whirlpool baths.

Learn more about the DS Series

The very latest!



Quick measurement of wood and building humidity

Thanks to bar scale and direct display of moisture value, reading the humidity measurements from BM22 are a piece of cake.

Learn more about the BM22

The very latest!



Determines precisely the pH of acid to alkaline solutions

Fluid analysis in pocket format. The BW10 accurately determines the pH levels of acidic to alkaline solutions, e.g. the aquarium, in the swimming pool, in the laboratory, in water analysis or in quality control in the beverage industry.

Learn more about the BW10

The very latest!

IC085LV / IC125LV

Advanced infrared camera with touch display

The new generation of the IC cameras offers clever electronics and functions, an intelligent mobility concept and an excellent price-performance-ratio.

Learn more about the IC085LV, IC125LV

The very latest!

PMTS 10-12V / PMTS 10-230V

PMTS 10‑12V / PMTS 10‑230V


Separating, sawing, grinding - in the new multi-function tools Trotec stuck endless possibilities to your ideas come true! Whether wired or cordless tool, these reliable helpers prove themselves in many applications. And especially practical: the rapid clamping system for tool-free accessory changes in a few seconds.

Learn more about the PMTS 10‑12V, PMTS 10‑230V

The very latest!


3 red Heat Demons

The new mobile TDS-E Electric Fan Heater series offer a heating capacity of 3 kW, 5 kW or 9 kW. They feature an integrated thermostat control, which keeps the hot air flow generating constantly at the desired temperature level, and a hardwearing double-walled housing with good heat insulation.

Learn more about the TDS-E series

The very latest!

TTV 1500 / TTV 2500

TTV 1500 / TTV 2500

New conveying fans of TTV series

TTV-fans are an economical solution for fast and easy aeration of rooms or transport of air through long distances with air transport hoses.

Learn more about the TTV 1500, TTV 2500

The very latest!

TFV Pro 1

TFV Pro 1

Multi-functional Quality Radial Fan

Robust but light, easy to carry, stackable and flexible usage from Cavity ventilation to accelerated drying. This is the new TFV Pro 1, manufactured in Germany.

Learn more about the TFV Pro 1

The very latest!

DH-VPR+ series

DH-VPR+ series

The Trotec Value Protection Range

To keep the values constant, the Trotec experts developed a new generation of climate managers, especially for the conservation of value. Best climate for everything highly valued.

Learn more about the VPR+ series

The very latest!


DA 4 Qube

Drying control unit

Turbocharged vacuum insulation drying. Smaller, lighter and with noticeable time savings in all steps. Perfect for the Qube - and also is great when combined with all other insulation drying with optional adapter plate.

Learn more about the DA 4 Qube

The very latest!

DH 65 S

DH 65 S

For industrial drying also when the humidity level in the room is low

Thanks to integrated aluminum tube evaporator the DH 65 S copes with dehumidification tasks also in bearing and production environments.

Learn more about the DH 65 S

The very latest!

PureRubin / PureMarin

Natural dye based on food quality

The food quality of 100 % natural colorants Pure Rubin / PureMarin is harmless to human and animals, and allows a future for quick and easy flow and leak detection in waterways.

Learn more about the PureRubin, PureMarin

The very latest!

Trocknungsaggregat TTR 3700

TTR 2000 / TTR 2800 / TTR 3700

TTR Desiccant Dehumidifiers

Quality and design "Made in Germany": This powerful drying units are ideal for effective dehumidification in environments with low dew-points.

Learn more about the TTR 2000, TTR 2800, TTR 3700

The very latest!



Pitot tube Anemometer

Precise measurement of the air velocity, volume flow, air pressure, and air temperature. The pitot tube enables the determination of differential and back pressure.

Learn more about the TA400

The very latest!

IDS 30 F

IDS 30 F

Developed for mobile usage as tent heater

This indirect oil heater without the tank is light and can be transported without producing dirt. The product is equipped with a robust frame with impact protection, skids and 4 carrying handles.

Learn more about the IDS 30 F

The very latest!

Trocknungsaggregat TTR 1400

TTR 800 / TTR 1400

TTR Desiccant Dehumidifiers

Compact and stationary drying units which can be used for manifold industrial dehumidification tasks. "Made and designed in Germany".

Learn more about the TTR 800, TTR 1400

The very latest!

Industrietrockner DH-Serie

DH Series

Industrial dryer DH series

Perfect in form – The professional drying systems of DH serie, produced in Germany, are now in the exclusive Trotec Design.

Learn more about the DH series

The very latest!

TS 810 SDI

TS 810 SDI

Effective trace gas detector for leak detections or tightness test.

Innovative combination of high-precision sensor technology and the highest level of efficiency.

Learn more about the TS 810 SDI

The very latest!



Experience the true changing of guards in the drying technology

The patent-pending Qube is the worldwide integral solution for restorative drying. VX-5 turbine, water separator, HEPA filters and sound suppressor NR19 – everything ready for connection through a robust, stackable aluminum construction with only 25 kg total weight.

Learn more about the Qube

The very latest!

Infrarot-Heizplatte TIH 650

TIH 650

Faster drying by homogenous heat distribution

New and even more robust infrared heating panel “made in Germany” with an integrated operating hour counter and feet – Heat output 650 W.

Learn more about the TIH 650

The very latest!


VSC series

Videoscopes for indirect visual inspection and documentation

The industry videoscopes of the VSC series make it easy: No cables, no suitcase – nothing but excellent image quality in a robust and lightweight compact device.

Learn more about the VSC206, VSC3008

The very latest!

Elektroheizgebläse TDS 120

TDS 120

For large heating tasks highly recommended

With an impressive 30 kW heating power, the new TDS 120 Electric Heating Fan completes the the TDS standard series as the strongest electric heater in its class.

Learn more about the TDS 120

The very latest!



Extremely smart: infrared camera in tablet design

The new infrared camera AC080V unites advanced functions with many additional application possibilities in an ultra compact tablet design.

Learn more about the AC080V

The very latest!

Ölheizgebläse IDE 20

IDE 20

Hot stuff: Oil Fired Heater IDE 20

Not just the price is right for the new indirect Oil Fired Heater IDE 20. Whopping 20 kW heating power makes the little hothead the optimal budget solution for a variety of heating applications.

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The very latest!

Heißluftgebläse Hystream 3400

Hystream 3400

Strong in price and performance: a new professional hot air gun in a handy rod shape

For this new hot air gun professionals will be able to heat up as easily as the HyStream 3400 permanently produces hot air - with variable air volume and temperature control up to 650°C, and versatile thanks to convenient bar form.

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The very latest!

Ölheizgebläse IDE 60 D

IDE 60 D

Optimal heating for any application.

The new Trotec’s IDE 60 GB oil heater fan stands out due to its solid technology, optimum cost-performance ratio and especially, due to its high heating capacity of 60 kW.

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The very latest!

TTV 4500 S

TTV 4500 S

Cascadable two-stage fan with operating hours counter

High air pressure, large air flow, robust housing with integral hose connection - for a favourable price. Our new standard in high performance fans for construction and renovation. Multiple units can be switched in series for maximum performance.

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The very latest!

Heißluftpistole Hystream 2000

Hystream 2000

Ergonomic heat gun with LCD Control

Thanks to the use-optimized gun design and soft grip, extended inserts easily succeed without fatigue. The performance assessment can easlily be read off the LCD display - Volume flow and temperature are separately adjustable in several stages up to 500 l/min and 650 °C.

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The very latest!

DH 25 S

DH 25 S

Dehumidification and keeping dry in a compact format

This mobile dehumidifier is a particularly economical solution for keeping dry stored goods or to prevent mould and corrosion damage in industrial processes.

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The very latest!

T plus X

Next-generation MultiMeasure Professional hand-held measuring devices

Bright prospects for the new year: You can look forward to innovative precision measuring devices with touch display and unique functions.

Learn more about the TP7, TP10

The very latest!

Former Trotec innovations


Electric heating devices

TDS R - suimply a perfect affair for an easy, condensation-free hot- air heating of workshops, shell construction flats or hall areas.

Learn more about the TDS R series

Mission fulfilled!


Air cleaning made easy!

Extremely mobile and variable applicable lightweight -
acceptable small at this price and measures.

Learn more about the TAC 750 E

Mission fulfilled!


Magnetometer – redefined

The time has come for the ultimate detector to efficiently locate covered ferromagnetic objects in water and gas supply networks.

Find out more about the MD200…

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Compact UV-A long wave hand emitter

Ideally suitable for non-destructive tracer detection for material testings, leak locations, quality controls, and for security applications.

Learn more about the UV-TrackMaster

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T210 – T660

The new generation

Handy, practical, functional. Precise measurement data acquisition in compact design.

Find out more about the impressive T210, T260, T510, T610, T660 advantages…

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Fog and flue gas simulator in tried and tested German industrial design

The shortly available FS200 originally produced by Trotec sets new standards for the flue gas-aided tightness test and much more. Don't miss this!

Find out more about the new FS200…

Mission fulfilled!


High-performance units made in Germany

100 % professional quality originally produced by Trotec: The most powerful, mobile electric heating units across the globe!

Link to the electric heating units of the TEH series...

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Put a stop to outdated solutions!

The new generation of professional air cleaners – variably applicable for building site and cleanroom renovations with only one device!

Find out more about the new TAC series...

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Standardized insulation drying without break

DA 4

Standardized insulation drying without break

Look forward to the world's fastest insulation drying system with trend-setting new additional functions.

Mission fulfilled!


As impulsive as effective

The new pulse current measuring system PD200 originally produced by Trotec. The ideal solution for simple leak detection on non-conducting sealing sheets.

Find out more about the new PD200…

Mission fulfilled!

LD6000 PTS

Acoustic leak detection including location function

With the tube probe LD6000 PTS the leak detection on the house connection side becomes an absolute precision landing. Quickly, easy - Trotec.

Find out more about the impressive LD6000 PTS advantages…

Mission fulfilled!

MultiMeasure Studio PRO

Studio PRO

MultiMeasure analysis software of the latest generation

The first professional analysis software for the evaluation of the data measured by the T3000, the DL200 data logger series and the devices of the DA series.

Mission fulfilled!

Link to the MultiMeasure Studio PRO software...


Using tomorrow's multifunction measuring technology today!

The new T3000: Trendsetting measuring technology, advanced functions and user comfort of still unknown dimensions.

Mission fulfilled!

Find out more about the new T3000...

TTK 105 S

Craftsmen's favourite comfort dehumidifier

Powerful dehumidification performance accommodated in a robust lightweight aluminium housing originally produced by Trotec.

Mission fulfilled!

Find out more about the new TTK 105 S...

One of a kind rather than all the same


One of a kind rather than all the same

There are many electric heater fans, but only one original Trotec TDS series.

Mission fulfilled!

Find out more about the impressive TDS advantages...


Inexpensive and quick

With our "white fleet" you can benefit in black and white from the best price-performance-ratio in this dehumidifier class.

Direct link to the special offers...

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Robust electric heating devices of the latest generation

Ardently sought-after by pros: Tried and tested German industrial design with a number of detailed solutions optimized for use.

Find out more about the new TEH series...

Mission fulfilled!


TTK-S series: This is how construction drying is done today

The new standard for modern mobile drying devices used in rough commercial environments.

Mission fulfilled!

Find out more about the new TTK-S series...


Highest quality originally produced by Trotec

Desiccant dehumidifiers for universal use "made in Germany" – compact, lightweight, low-maintenance and powerful.

Mission fulfilled!

Find out more about the new TTR series...

Energy-saving allrounder for insulation layer drying

VX 5

Energy-saving allrounder for insulation layer drying

Extremely light, extremely flexible, extremely powerful. The only thing you need for insulation drying is now a VX – nothing else!

Mission fulfilled!

Find out more about the new VX 5...


Leak detection and acoustic pipe location

The innovative LD6000 sets new standards in the field of leak detection. Acoustic pinpoint location, pipe location, long-term measurement with logging function, trace gas detection - all with only one device!

Find out more about the impressive LD6000 advantages…

Mission fulfilled!

LD5L set

Mobile zone monitoring of drinking water networks

Flexibly applicable system with radio data loggers for noise level measurement and mobile data receiver.

Find out more about the impressive LD5L set advantages…

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